About Me

Ive always had a love for art and all things paper and stationery

I excelled at art in secondary school and saw a career ahead as a graphic designer. It didnt happen but my creative side was
awakened as an adult by the explosion of adult colouring books. I would spend 6 hours or more finishing each piece to perfection!

Friends and family encouraged me to start creating my own
original art works.

My first original pieces were doodle art inspired and since then Ive been producing more abstract works.

My latest pieces are fluid flow paintings, Im in love with these. Im also starting a series of abstract landscapes titled ‘30,000 feet’.  My first one is now complete and will be uploaded soon in my shop for my original pieces and prints.

The media I use to create these pieces can range from
Fabercastelle coloured pencils and Prismacolour coloured pencils with blending techniques, gel pens, Lumiere paints, acrylic paints of all kinds, Tom Bow Markers and metallic markers and even nail polishes.  I work on canvases or exceptional quality watercolour paper.

My studio space is located at Central Craft in Alice Springs.  There is lots of space, incredible natural light and other people buzzing around.

Aside from art, my life revolves around my Husband and our 3
children and my casual job, oh, and some sleep in amongst that!

My work can be found in a few online places:

Etsy – selected originals not listed on this website

Fine Art America – see my Shop page for this – selected designs available on all sorts of items.

Red Bubble – selected designs available on all sorts of items