About Me

Ive always had a love for art and all things paper and stationery related.  Often I made by own games and booklets and was always taking the bank deposit and withdrawal slips and had a relative who was a printer so I had an endless supply of paper!

I excelled at art in secondary school and saw a career ahead as a graphic designer. It didnt happen but my creative side was
awakened as an adult by the explosion of adult colouring books. I would spend 6 hours or more finishing each piece to perfection!

Friends and family encouraged me to start creating my own original art works.  My first original pieces were doodle art inspired and since then I’ve been producing more abstract works.

My latest pieces are Fluid Acrylic paintings, I’m in love with these. I created over 50 Fluid Acrylic pieces ranging in size from 4 x 6 inches to 30 x 40 inches.  The majority of my larger paintings are for sale and are decorating the showroom of Alice Air & Solar Solutions here in Alice Springs. 

The desire to reduce waste came the need to pour the excess paint from my Fluid Art pieces onto paper for turning into cards, then once I had enough cards, they became stunning jewellery pieces.  Each one is obviously unique and I really like that aspect.  Each piece is so full of detail that it will keep you looking time and time again.

My studio space is located at a private residence where I have a large working space to incorporate all of the different aspects of what I do.  

Aside from art, my life revolves around my Husband and our 2 children.

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