Exhibitions & Stockists

In 2017 I held my very first Fluid Acrylic Art exhibition at the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame in Alice Springs from March 8th until May 18th.  This was later followed by a group members exhibition at Central Craft in Alice Springs where my Doodle and Abstract pieces were displayed.

My larger Fluid Acrylic pieces are decorating, and are for sale from, Alice Air & Solar Solutions here in Alice Springs.  You can drop in anytime and view them – purchase is made directly through Josh and the team in the showroom.

During winter 2017 I was lucky to be able to display my Fluid Art for sale in the Downunder Ugg Boots pop up shop in Alice Springs.

Large Fluid Art pieces at Alice Air & Solar Solutions
Some Doodle Art pieces at Central Craft
Pieces for sale at Downunder Ugg Boots, Alice Springs
I am open to new stockists & the current local stockists are:

Cards – Bohemian Bazaar

Necklaces – National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame